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Hunting Videos can tell the Story:
Our dogs are all selected for their desire to hunt, their great noses, and willingness to please theyr human counterpart. We have compiled some of the best blood in the squirrel hunting world to utilize in our breeding program.
Blood Lines Include:
Sport, Wallace, Sniper, Streak, Atomic, Cadillac Jack, Joe Black​​ and Barger
We will be breeding NKC SQCh Highforest Cocoa to Crossfire Bullet this Spring.

We will be Breeding Highforest Lilly to Crossfire Bullet this Spring​
Rosie telling the world where the squirrel is! Sold to Clay Coghlan of Gatlinburg. She will be bred to Looney's 20/20 Hummer this spring.
1st hunt with NKC SQ CH Sporty Cocoa. She is gonna serve us well! She will be bred to Crossfire Bullet again this spring. We expect another awesome cross!
Tennessee Wildside Squirrel Hunt with High Forest Kennels
Tennessee Wildside Turkey Hunt
Our 1st Squirrel Gog ATFA Sq Ch Stagg's George doing what he loved to do! He is now hunting for Casey Odom of Lawrenceburg Tennessee.
Highforest Sniper Big Gun with his 3rd squirrel!
Red at LBL
Lilly treeing on a grey squirrel. 1ST hunt with my 2 year old hunting buddy!!!