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​Puppy Owners
This page of devoted to those that trust us enough to get a pup from our litters. Buying a puppy is a big step in the process of squirrel hunting with dogs, and some choose not to go this route, and that is fine, but it can be very rewarding. Taking a pup for 6-8 weeks old and teaching it obedience, socializing it with other dogs and children, taking it on walks in the woods, and developing a "Tree Dog" is very rewarding, but not easy. They demand a lot of time and attention. Michael Jordan without years of practice would not have developed into "Air Jordan", in the same sense a dog without practice, attention and exposure is just a pet, not a hunting dog!

Our Dogs
Welcome To Our Puppy Page
Our dogs are all selected for their desire to hunt, their great noses, and willingness to please theyr human counterpart. We have compiled some of the best blood in the squirrel hunting world to utilize in our breeding program.
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